The Accidental Birdwatcher

The Accidental Birdwatcher One sunny afternoon in the Autumn of 2006 I was painting in my studio (a.k.a. kitchen) when two doves alighted on the narrow ledge outside my window and began cooing.  I had lived in this city apartment for several years and this never happened before so I was curious. I observed them […]

Traffic Jam

Summer is almost here and millions are taking to the open roads for weekend get-aways, holidays and vacations.  Be sure to check your traffic app!  Don’t let this happen to you 🙂

Dreaming of the Faerie King

Dreaming of the Faerie King It was a lovely sunny Spring day. Too nice to stay indoors and do housework. A walk in the forest would be nice. Birds were chirping, the trees were just beginning to leaf out and here and there, flowers were bursting into bloom. She meandered about for quite some time, […]

Four Fact Survey

My first week of blogging and I was tagged by AJ/WORDS from SONOBE (extremely entertaining!) to do the Four Fact Survey.  Thank you! Four names people call me other than my real name: Alas, the Mer language does not translate well and the English names cannot be repeated in polite company Four jobs that I […]

Full Moon Madness

She was told things would look better in the morning.  But as she paced the balcony bathed in full moonlight whilst conversing with the gargoyle, she had her doubts. All phases of the moon have their myths and legends.  Some say people are more apt to go mad during the full moon.  And as everyone […]

Count Your Blessings and Smile :)

I was feeling rather down the other day worrying about things over which I had little control.  This commercial appeared on the TV and I couldn’t help but feel better! 🙂 I have no idea what the slack company does but they must have fun doing it! Here’s the original version from George Formby, OBE, […]

So Mermaids ARE real!

So Mermaids ARE real! Amidst the raucous cheers of the Victoria and Albert Explorers Club, Alistair gave a jaunty salute and picked up his portmanteau. He quickly descended the iron rungs of the ladder into a curious round apparatus held fast by cables and pulleys to a specialized crane on the dock. His feet quickly […]

Whatever happened to the art of conversation?

“What ever happened to the art of conversation?” asked the Raven of the Gargoyle. Raven had grown extremely weary of tweeting and twittering. So he decided that actual face-time would improve his social skills and struck up a conversation with an unwitting gargoyle. I attended a  dinner a few years ago and observed several of […]

Make mine a double!

A double-caf-triple-chocolate-mint-chip-colossal-cold-latte with extra whipped cream! Nothing compliments a fresh-baked chocolate chip scone like a great cup of coffee or tea. I can’t start the day without two cups of good coffee.  How about you?

What’s Your Sign?* May and June Birthdays

I began the blog with a bit of astrology.  So in keeping with that theme, here is an introduction to the Celtic Zodiac, an art series I created in 2013.  I’ll be posting a new sign each month.  (The entire series is available on my website.  Click the MagickMermaid Studio link at the top of […]