Mr. Murphy and Instant Karma

No sooner had I broadcast to the world in my very first blog post that I never have had bad luck on Friday the 13th when…Bam..  A clogged toilet at 9:00pm!  Murphy’s Law (whatever can go wrong, will go wrong) and Instant Karma combined with Mercury Retrograde.  The perfect storm. Tempest in a toilet bowl.  Hardly a disaster, but still.  The good news is I found a knight in shining armour (dependable, nice plumber) this afternoon who arrived promptly and vanquished the dragon (problem).  So, actually some good luck after all!

Helmeted Knight of France, illustration by Paul Mercuri in Costumes Historiques (Paris, 1860-1861) (wikipedia)

(Needless to say, Henri did nothing to help the situation.  Unless eating my last chocolate bar is helping.)

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