What’s Your Sign?* May and June Birthdays

I began the blog with a bit of astrology.  So in keeping with that theme, here is an introduction to the Celtic Zodiac, an art series I created in 2013.  I’ll be posting a new sign each month.  (The entire series is available on my website.  Click the MagickMermaid Studio link at the top of the page.)

Druid Tree Lore and Celtic Lunar Astrology

People have been marking the passage of time by the phases of the moon for millennia. Although it is impossible to say for certain because the lore and traditions were not written, many historians believe that both the Celts and Druids used a 13 month lunar calendar.  The months and symbols differ from the solar calendar with which most of us are familiar. Druidic horoscopes are often mentioned in legends.

Trees have long been a source of sacred folklore with each chosen to represent the months and having its own magickal properties. The Ogham symbols may have been devised by ancient Druids. As several of the symbols refer to trees, the ogham alphabet is often called the Tree Alphabet. These symbols are included next to the tree names which are shown in both English and Old Irish. The animal symbols are my interpretation based on various sources. The ruling planets of each sign are also noted.  The information provided here is an introduction to the wealth of knowledge concerning Druid teachings and Celtic lore.

Hawthorn Tree~Chalice  13th May- 9th June

Hawthorn Tree-ChaliceThe Hawthorn is one of the three sacred trees. It is said to bring good luck and protection and is the traditional Maypole of Beltaine. It is extremely unlucky to cut down a Hawthorn. The Chalice symbolizes the expert metal-crafting of Govannon, the master smith-god who also brewed mead that bestowed eternal youth and freedom from illness and death. The mythological hidden planet of Vulcan corresponds to the smith-god. Those born under this sign are said to be creative, innovative, multi-talented, adaptable
and good planners.

*(hehe-Whenever anyone ever asked me that in a nightclub my usual answer was ‘Stop’.  Yes, I am fond of bad puns.  Guilty as charged.)


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