The Tale of Melusina

Melusine, Water Goddess with a Secret

Melusine was a Water Goddess with hair black as night and pale luminous skin. One day while bathing in a forest pool, she was observed by a handsome knight who had lost his way. It was love at first sight for both of them and they returned to his castle to marry. After exchanging vows, she asked only that he leave her alone to bathe.

They lived happily for years and had many children together. Melusine remained as young and beautiful as when they first met. Of course as time went on, her husband’s curiosity got the better of him and he spied upon her in the bath. Her mysterious secret was revealed as he saw that she was a mermaid! He could not bear the thought of her as a strange creature and she could not forgive him for spying. She left, taking the daughters with her, and leaving the sons with him. They were both heartbroken, unable to live together in a world that does not accept a union such as theirs. It is said that she can still be heard crying for the husband she still loves and that some of her female descendants have the power of foresight.

There are various versions of this legend including one in which Melusine turns into fearsome dragon when her husband discovers her secret.

Melusine is available in two sizes:


  1. He said “All men will be sailors then
    Until the sea shall free them”

    I love it Mermaid! Thank you for sharing and brightening a miserable day.

    Is it me or are your paintings somehow getting better? The detail in the curtain and hair and tail. You should illustrate children’s books IMHO. You won’t see this no doubt, as you’re too close. Anyway I love it.

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    • Well credit where credit’s due!

      Anyway let’s enjoy a civilised comments section while we can, before somebody, mentioning no names(clue: rhymes with Moosan Boldstein)turns up and trashes the place with her suggestive comments and trash talk as per usual!!!

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    • See this is exactly the type of thing I was talking about!!!
      (if indeed it was you that I was talking about – I shan’t tell)

      OK you’ve got yourself a deal! Water pistols and t-shirts at 30 paces!! Chocolate ice cream and a bouncy castle for the winner. Tobacco ice cream and a prickly castle for the loser!

      (hmmmm – now where did I put that turbo super soaker)

      (I’m sorry Mermaid – Susan provoked me here – the evidence is clear)

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    • Oh my GOD!
      I don’t believe this.
      Have you been talking to her?
      I bet you have. The “hmmmmm?” is a dead giveaway.
      I know how you women work.
      Plotting … always plotting.
      Trying to find our weak points to humiliate us in comments sections.
      Like the Pink Ladies in Grease.
      This has made me so MAAAAAAAD!
      It’s Ok I’ve calmed down again now.

      No as I expect you know very well Spysan, I don’t do that.
      I draw the line at that insane inane mundane right brain bum stain Kurt Cobain custom.
      I can’t afford to waste good coats at the moment is the crux of it.
      PLUS I find the practice futile. Let’s face it, it would have to be a big old puddle to require this drastic coat contingency. So we’re talking some kind of giant 100% waterproof coat here, and they simply don’t exist. Trust me, I’ve got a Ph.D in coats. Otherwise, it would offer absolutely no protection whatsoever to the lady’s delicate feet and a perfectly good coat would be ruined for NOTHING.
      Moreover Susan, I like to think of myself as a modern gentleman, and modern gentlemen don’t like to threaten the lady’s sense of freedom and self-empowerment. It’s been made clear to me that such antiquated gestures make women feel violated and take away their divine feminine power. and I don’t want to be the ungentlemanly ASSHOLE who does that.

      So no, I do have to draw the line at this coat/puddle fallacy.
      Just what the Jesus Harold Christ else has this Mermaid been telling you about me?!?!?!?!??!

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  2. Mer, I somehow got my designation changed to ‘unfollowing’ you so I missed your reblog of this post. I hope I’m with u now as a ‘follower’!

    This post has me a tad puzzled, cuz I can’t seem to fathom the daughters and sons coming out of a mermaid (let alone going in, if you catch my drift. πŸ˜€ ) But I guess it’s a matter of ‘suspension of disbelief.’ And no more so, over the fact that such fairy-tale characters always seem to experience ‘love at first sight’ and get married at the drop of a hat! Or glass slipper, or whatever. But again, it’s all part of fairy-tale magic/magick, isn’t it?! Keep ’em coming! Very entertaining. And your illustrations are always pitch-perfect and stunning, like this one. ❀

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    • Hi Ellie, You were following me and then I didn’t see you for awhile. I thought maybe I had made a terrible grammar faux pas. πŸ™‚
      I can only claim credit for the illustration. πŸ™‚ The legend of Melusina is an old one that I read somewhere a long time ago. Merfolk do procreate but I am forbidden to go into the technicalities. πŸ™‚

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