A weed by any other name…

Weeds or Flowers?

Having lived in a huge city most of my life, I never experienced the joys of tending an outdoor garden.  I had houseplants and grew herbs on my kitchen window sill.

So as a new transplant to the countryside I was ecstatic to see wildflowers growing around my house in early Spring.   I excitedly pointed them out to my neighbours who have lived here their entire lives.  “Those are weeds,” they informed me, hiding their smiles at my naiveté.  purple and white wildflowers photoThe white and yellow flowers turned out to be wild strawberries, also considered to be weeds.  I don’t know what the bluish violet ones are.  They may actually be violets for all I know. Or what the ground cover is called whose leaves resemble a miniature green rose. As far as I’m concerned, they will be wildflowers beautifying my yard without a bit of effort on my part.

wild strawberriesEdited to add:  Just went outside and there they were! The first crop of wild strawberries!  Each one is only the size of a pinkie nail; tiny but sweet!


  1. It is only for you to say what is a ‘weed’ and what is a flower! I live in the Midwest, U.S. where dandelions and violets grow rampant. People insist upon killing dandelions but to me, they are flowers! Not only that, but they can be eaten (with amazing health benefits!) and used in teas. Violets are also awesome in salads or as cooked greens, or even sugared and used as cake decorations. Great post! 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much, Christine! I agree. I had several small bowls of wild strawberries this year.
    Each month something new appears in the yard. Right now I have white clover flowers which bees like. There are some pink clovers down the road and I think I will take some “samples”. Hopefully pink clover will also sprout in my yard next year. 🙂


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