Faerie Attraction Garden

A Magickal Faerie Attraction Garden

It’s twilight, the magickal time between day and night. A pale pink full moon ascends and illuminates this special garden. Those tiny colourful stars floating over the picket fence are the faerie folk, assembling for an evening’s frolic.
Fairy Attraction Garden Pink Full Moon Fine Art Print
To plant a garden that will attract faeries, be sure to include a place or two for them set up their tea service, such as a heart-shaped stepping stone. And don’t forget to leave something sparkly as a gift; perhaps a shiny marble or a crystal.

In the lore of plants, certain flowers are associated with love. In this magickal garden I have planted from left to right: pansies, strawberries, daffodils, thyme, primroses, roses and violets. All are said to attract love and used in love magick. Thyme, primroses and roses also attract faeries.


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