Reblogged! When the ecosystem is out of balance, bad things happen! I always liked wolves.

Postcard from a Pigeon

Norway plans to kill off its critically endangered  wolf population. Are they crazy?

I love to eat shellfish and scallops are one of my particular favourites. I don’t like to eat them, though because the way they are fished – dredging – is hazardous to other sea life and their ecosystem.  So, when I saw a documentary about a Norwegian initiative to catch scallops, diving and then work to restore and propagate the species in its natural environment, I thought, good for Norway, that’s the way forward.

Which is why it’s all that much more distressing to learn Norway is going to cull 70% of its wolf population, particularly since that population amounts to only 68 wolves in total and they are classified as ‘critically endangered.’ So I implore people to watch this video about the US’s decision to repopulate Yellowstone Park with wolves and the impact that had on…

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