A Magickal Shoppe

The Witch’s Hat Shoppe
EPSON scanner image

The new moon was already rising as Esmeralda hurried away from the office. Having to stay late for the third time that week, most likely without anything extra forthcoming in her pay envelope, was rather disheartening. Crossing rapidly to the High Street to buy ingredients for dinner, she gazed up at the sky and did a double take. The crescent moon glimmered a shimmering pink! The green grocer’s and the bakery were closing, so she quickly made her purchases and began to head back down the street.

Suddenly, twinkling lights at the very end of the block caught her eye. A new store? It certainly was not there yesterday. By now all of High Street was shuttered, but the lights were on in that one shop. “May as well have a look,” she thought. The lilting sound of a harp could be heard as she approached the unusual looking establishment. The sign and the door were well-weathered, remnants of at least two centuries ago. She peered into the display window, astonished by the whimsical array of lavishly adorned hats……

Another story about the Hat Shoppe here:



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