Share Your World 2017 Week 2

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Here are my answers to Cee’s Share Your World 2017 Week 2

If you lost a bet and had to dye your hair a color of the rainbow for a week, what color would it be?   I could not decide between purple or green!

If you could choose one word to focus on for 2017, what would it be?

What was one thing you learned last year that you added to your life?
I ventured out of my comfort zone by blogging.  Mermaid emerges from shell; pun intended 😉

If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit other than a cherry would you be..?


  1. One side green. The other side purple. That way when you turn your head people think you are a different person. It could work. Have a great week.

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  2. Great answers. The one good thing about dying your hair is that it isn’t permanent so you could go from green to purple or purple to green. I guess, it will still be hard deciding which to choose first. Have a great week.

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