Yemaya, Ocean Goddess

Yemaya, Mother of All Living Things

Yemaya Ocean Goddess Fine Art Print

Yemaya is an Ocean Goddess, the Mother of All Living Things and protector of women from the Yoruba and Santeria traditions. She is also a fertility goddess and protector of fisherman. Without water there is no life and she is revered as the feminine principal of creation.

I became acquainted with Yemaya several years ago during a visit to a very small island in the Caribbean.  The island was practically deserted and I had a gorgeous beach all to myself.  A perfect place for meditation as I had brought several worries from home on the trip with me.  I could not sit still and as I waded into the crystal clear water it suddenly felt like time stood still.  There was nothing but the beautiful ocean, sunshine and blue sky. I was enveloped by a warm and welcoming presence. I had a vision of Yemaya and she was telling me I could achieve calm and peace, to slow down and put my mind at ease. I performed a healing ritual and felt very free.  I tried several times in the ensuing years to create an image of her.  But it wasn’t until two years ago that I was able to do so.  Her calming presence has helped me many times.


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