The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Homeownership – Episode 6

The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership – Episode 6
Progress in the Parlours

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With Henri supervising (as I tend to procrastinate) I was making great strides with unpacking the boxes.  I could now see the floor!  But my elation turned to annoyance when I discovered the hardwood floors had not been refinished as the realtor had stated; but merely made shiny with polish which disappeared upon washing.  Of course now that all of my things were here, it would be impossible to redo the floors.  Yet, another rookie mistake.

A very interesting feature of my cottage is that is has two parlours.  I have seen this in great mansions and stately homes; morning rooms and such.  But I had never seen anything like this before in a small house. It is perfect for me. I decided to have one side for seating, the media armoire (fancy name for the cabinet holding the TV, stereo, CDs, DVDs) and a large bookcase on one side.  The other side I designated as The Curiosity Room (fancy name for all my collections of things).

TV armoire before Curiosity Room

The unpacking continued.  If I haven’t bored you to tears with this saga by now, you might be wondering just how much stuff I had to unpack!  Despite the fact I had all the boxes marked clearly into which room to be placed, the movers ignored me completely and made a mess of it. I spent a lot of time turning boxes right side up and hunting for things. Thankfully, I had over-packed with plenty of paper and bubble wrap or several items would have perished with such rough handling.   I had finally organised enough to be able to put the unpacked boxes in the second bedroom and focus on fine tuning.  The pile of empty boxes and packing supplies grew.  I wondered if the town’s recycling crew thought I was taking in other people’s recycling.

Mid-September arrived and so did my new bed.  I could stop sleeping on the floor!  It was still warm enough to have all the windows open during the day.  So I decided to paint a plain unfinished shelf unit ebony black. As if I didn’t have enough projects to keep me busy.  I was pleased with the end result so I repainted the  media armoire to match.  I then purchased antique reproduction knobs and pulls.

One night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought I heard a noise in the front of the house.  I crept into the hallway and peered into the parlour.  I saw Henri outfitted in what appeared to be ninja attire practising with shuriken (Japanese throwing stars)!

To be continued……


  1. Ooh, I say, “media armoire” 🙂
    I slept on the sofa for weeks when I first moved into my place because I preferred to watch Netflix over screwing the bed back together.
    Sounds like Henri is really taking his guard duties seriously!

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  2. What a lot of work MM ! I hope Henri has been helping you with the move such as doing the heavy lifting and making the tea. I expect it will take you ages to get your new home the way Henri wants it 🙂 ❤

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