The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership -Episode 8

The Gnome and I – Episode 8

 Leaves Me Alone

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I was a bit disappointed that my property had no trees; only three tree stumps.  However, as Autumn arrived I had masses of leaves.  Leaves from the noisy-dogs-neighbours’ trees blanketed my entire property.  If the situation was reversed I would have offered to rid their property of my leaves.  Instead, they watched me raking their leaves, yet offered no assistance or bags.   Henri was appalled.  ‘Comportement grossier!’  (Churlish behaviour!)

Henri suggested I bag the leaves and place them on their doorstep with a note “Merci vous êtes les feuilles de vos arbres. Je suis retourner à vous.”  (Thank you for your tree leaves.  I am returning them.)   It was difficult to restrain myself but I refrained from leaving a leafy present; i.e. choose your battles with neighbours wisely.

Mid-October arrived.  There was just enough time to plant bulbs and Dan supervised.  Henri looked on with approval as I dug holes, inserted the bulbs and then covered the beds with hay.  Contrary to popular belief not all gnomes all partial to gardening.  Henri preferred to watch me do all the work.

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  1. I love that picture! ha ha. Good old Henri. You should write a book with all of this in. You and Susan are so good at recounting these stories with humour.
    Damn – a neighbour here was complaining about leaves from our tree. I thought they were being difficult but now you made me think. I always thought leaves were good for the soil! Anyway, it’s out of my hands. I started looking into getting it trimmed and was attacked “YOU ARE NOT THE LEGAL OWNER OF THE PROPERTY. I FORBID YOU!!!”
    Anyway I may have to revise my leaf etiquette.
    It’s hell living with Darth Vader.

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  2. hehe The leaves are good to a point. When it rains too much and they become slushy messy piles they smother the grass. My neighbour advised me that they would be perfectly happy with me paying for a company to cut whatever branches of their tree is overhanging on my property. Well, that’s not happening! So I’m stuck with their leaves. Neighbourly etiquette in general appears to be a scarce commodity. 😀

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    • Damn. You’re making me reexamine this whole neighbour tree situation. It’s out of my hands anyway as the madman interjected and forbade me to do anything. They’re horrible neighbours anyway so it won’t make any difference. I dont think people were meant to live right next to one another like this. Not complete strangers anyways.

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    • That is so true. The vile people quotient is too high to risk living next to anyone. This is why the lighthouse idea is so good. Until you watch A Light at the End of the World of course. Antarctic survey?
      Hell I even managed to fall out with someone on an ayahuasca retreat in Peru. I had to end up on the retreat the anti-christ was attending and of course he was on the mat next to me. Should see these things coming by now.

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