The Gnome and I Episode 9

The  Gnome and I- Episode 9 – Halloween

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Having taken care of the outside of the house it was time to continue the organisation inside.  It was getting cold and I had planned to change out the old oil furnace for a natural gas one.  A very expensive addition to the house but necessary.  The house came with a used glass top electric stove complete with alien gadgetry that I would never use.  I donated it and purchased a new gas one; no bells, whistles, timers, clock or other features that fall apart the day after the warranty expires.  Although the electric had a self-cleaning oven (I hate to clean the oven!) everything I cooked on it looked like it had been blow-torched.  I like crispy food but this was ridiculous.
burned food
It was quite a circus one morning with the plumbers, gas company, fire chief and delivery men all arriving simultaneously to do the replacements and inspections.  Thankfully everything was installed by lunch time.  And I was able to enjoy a meal that was not charred beyond recognition.

It was almost Halloween.  I unpacked my decorations and set them up in the Curiosity  Room.  My bat, Fledermaus, chose a front row spot on the table so he could get a good look at all the children’s costumes.
1-Getting ready for Halloween.jpg
In the past month Henri asked to take time off  from guard duty for a few evenings.  I wondered if he was on another gninja assignment (episode 7).  He explained he was at the library.  A show of hands, please. How many of us used that excuse on our parents when we were clearly up to something of which they would not approve?

Turns out he was really at the library.  On a romantic rendezvous!  What most folk didn’t know, there was a branch of the Gnomic Public Library located on the side of the town library.  It was invisible to all but those who believe in the possibility of the magickal.  Henri had met Miss Rita Booke, the head librarian.  After a few dates, he had asked her to the Halloween Ball.

Halloween Witch Gnome Art Print         Halloween Gnome Gentleman Art Print

Rita cooked up some treats in her cauldron that we all enjoyed.  Henri invited his friend, Jack, to the festivities.  And insisted I take their photos.  I turn into a vampire on Halloween.  So naturally there is no photo of me as the camera could not see my reflection.  Needless to say, we all got stomach aches from too many Halloween sweets. 🙂


      • I love the drawings of Henri and his lady friend by the way. I meant to say that but got over excited. And Fledermaus the bat and the Halloween table! Complete with tiny cauldron, black cat and ravens.

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        • Thank you so much! Fledermaus and the ravens (good name for a rock band!) are permanent residents in the Curiosity Room. I had taken the photo before I added the sweets to the cauldron and the lovely (!) orange serving dish. The Black Death Vodka is for my ghostly friends. 😀

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          • Ha ha – your house is amazing. I WANT it.
            No, Fledermaus and the Ravens isn’t a good name for a rock band.

            It’s a GREAT name for a rock band! We should copyright it quick. Or alternatively form the band. I can’t play much though so I’ll have to be the sultry lead singer. Oh wait, I can sult but I can’t sing. Damn. I could hmmm on a comb with some grease proof paper on it. Or bang some spoons together. Teenage girls go mad for that kind of thing. Well peculiar ones do.
            I wondered what was in that bottle. I knew it would be some deathly brew!
            Ha ha – thanks for brightening my day.

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  1. “Rita Booke” – hilarious! (btw fix typo: rondezvous should be rendezvous. Hey, I’m in Quebec, so only I am allowed to appraise your French! ;-))
    And when, missy, are you going to gather all your fanciful gnomic tales into a book? Inquiring minds want to gknow!!

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  2. Typical mermaid tactics. The exchange rate is 1,090,706 dandelions to 1 Euro. It would be a logistic nightmare. OK I shouldnt really do this but I also accept dance videos. Choose between highland fling, break dancing, and jive

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  3. OK! You might want to check this out on Henri’s behalf! I have just seen an ad here in a Montreal newspaper for condos named after him. Yes. The website is I kid you not. 😀

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    • Henri was ROFL when he saw this! He assured me he has nothing to do with such a venture. Gnomes prefer traditional architecture or tree houses!
      My French, reading at least, seems to be getting better. I looked at the French version and was able to translate most of their statements on the first page. Of course, French conversation is still out of the question. By the time I’ve translated to English in my mind, the other person would have changed the subject a dozen times or walked away 😀

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