Airmid Celtic Goddess of Herbs and Healing

Airmid, Celtic Goddess of Herbs and Healing

Airmid is the Celtic Goddess of herbs and healing. She is the daughter of Diancecht, master physician of the Tuatha De Dannan (the Faerie Folk of Ireland). She tends all the herbs of the world and they inform her of all their secrets. She is also very skilled at healing. Legend says that one day, as she arranged the herbs on her cloak by their properties, her jealous father came along and shook out the cloak, scattering away all the herbal knowledge.

Airmid is wearing a crown of mistletoe, necklaces of blackberries and raspberries and a dress of leaves. She is surrounded by various healing herbs and flowers. Her mortar and pestle are at hand and she is ready to create a healing mixture.


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  1. What a pretty painting.
    That is just lovely.
    I could do with one of her special potions today.
    I feel her pain. If I spread herbs on my cloak that’s exactly what my dad would do.
    Down with envious fathers. And mothers.And all the smelly others.
    But up with your splendilicious paintings and posts.

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