What’s Your Sign? Celtic Lunar Astrology and Druid Tree Lore July and August Birthdays

Druid Tree Lore – Celtic Lunar Astrology
8th July – 4th August


Above is my new design for the 11 inch x 14 inch Zodiac signs!  They can be personalised with your name or the recipient’s name. Below is the 8 inch x 10 inch Zodiac sign.
All of the designs can be seen on my website magickmermaid.com


About Druid Tree Lore and Celtic Lunar Astrology
People have been marking the passage of time by the phases of the moon for millennia. Although it is impossible to say for certain because the lore and traditions were not written, many historians believe that both the Celts and Druids used a 13 month lunar calendar.  The months and symbols differ from the solar calendar with which most of us are familiar. Druidic horoscopes are often mentioned in legends.

Trees have long been a source of sacred folklore with each chosen to represent the months and having its own magickal properties. The Ogham symbols may have been devised by ancient Druids. As several of the symbols refer to trees, the ogham alphabet is often called the Tree Alphabet. These symbols are included next to the tree names which are shown in both English and Old Irish. The animal symbols are my interpretation based on various sources. The ruling planets of each sign are also noted.  The information provided here is an introduction to the wealth of knowledge concerning Druid teachings and Celtic lore.

See the entire collection of zodiac signs at MagickMermaid (Studio tab at the top of the page).



  1. What a beautifully painted horse. I find the explanations very interesting too. I remember seeing a bronze hat covered with information about lunar phases. These people knew their skies better than we do I think!
    I’d love to have seen what this land looked like back then. Wow.
    Last year I cut holly from the front of the house and put it around the spring bulbs to stop squirrels pilfering them. With varying degrees of success. Those squirrels are cunning little buggers, with their devious little hands and chuckling faces and puffy trousers(the signature squirrel description of a madman, clearly).
    This year … claymore mines and an electric fence.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, Sir Doubtpuppet! 🙂 The ancients definitely knew more than we do. It must have been unparalleled; no tall buildings or machines, noise or polluted skies, just green and trees as far as the eye could see.
    Interesting use of holly! Squirrels tend to persevere no matter what. They dug up some of my spring bulbs as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knew a German lady on a poetry site and the squirrels used to steal her socks off the washing line and take them away to their home! Hilarious. I love the little elvish fellas really. Very entertaining but the bulb situation is ridiculous. Like takeaway food for them. Some of the holly was successful, but they got round a couple. Slugs on the other hand wreck all the flowers! If Only I could wean the squirrels off bulbs and onto a slug diet. I may have to make some little bogus recipe books and leave them lying casually around the garden. Slug au Gratin. Slug Bourgignon. Slug a la King. Slug sorbet. Knickerbocker Glorslug.
      I’m being ridiculous of course.
      It’s widely known that squirrels don’t even have ice cream makers. I’ll have to come up with another range of desserts. Pastries, tartes, trifles. then if it takes off, I could become a celebrity among the squirrels.
      Then phase 2 of my plan could commence with a tough boot camp where I’d break them down and build them back up to be fiercely loyal to me.
      In phase 3 I’d send them out into the world to do my foul bidding.
      The Acorn Team.

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