The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership – Chapter 14 – Spring Surprises

The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership
Chapter 14 –  Spring Surprises

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The long cold Winter had finally ended.  Spring brought some surprises.  The bulbs I had planted in Autumn had sprouted!  The crocuses (croci?) were the first to bloom.  Followed by daffodils and tulips.  Having always lived in rentals, I never had the opportunity to plant anything outside.   So I was happy to see that the bulbs had bloomed even though I had not planted that many.


croci2      daffodils
tulipsHenri was excited as well and set his swing amongst the tulips.

A rather interesting phenomena had occurred; my front door was slowly turning into a dragon.
A town mandate required me to post a warning.  Which probably accounted for my mail and deliveries being thrown onto my porch from a safe distance.
Some surprises were wholly unwelcome.  One of the walls in the kitchen developed a large crack.  As did the ceiling.  Apparently the person who installed the drywall did not tape and finished the seams properly.
kitchenwall               kitchen ceiling

The paint on the woodwork all over the house was beginning to chip and crack, revealing varnished wood underneath.  Even a novice such as myself knows painting latex over varnish is a disaster waiting to happen.  The varnish either needs to be removed completely or at the very least, an application of primer before painting.  There was no chance of removing the paint and varnish now that my things were here.  So my only option was to continue to paint over the cracks.  My Summer to-do list was becoming extremely lengthy!






  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Henri on his swing. How sweet. I’m bying him a tricycle – I don’t care how much it costs!(well as long as it’s less than 8971.99 doubloons anyway).

    I believe the correct grammafication is crocata. You’re welcome. (that’ll be 8972.99 doubloons please).
    I didn’t know that thing about the latex over varnish. Secure Henri’s swing to the ceiling and have him do a Michelangelo repair.
    Right I’m off to buy a 1 doubloon ice cream! yippeee!

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  2. Henri is very excited at the prospect of a tricycle! Needless to say he is quite adverse to doing any painting.
    Of course, crocata! Silly me! I get so confused with these plurals (or is that pluri??)

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  3. Mon Dieux! Whoever did the painting before you moved in, did a slipshod job for sure. All is not lost! These are all easy do-it-yourself projects for a new homeowner. 😉 Just roll up your sleeves, get some drywall tape, some paint stripper, and voila! You may unearth a new connection to your home or discover the beauty of the dragon hidden within. Henri should definitely be involved in this one, if only to supervise the work. Thank goodness it’s not the plumbing.

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    • Most of the time I ignore all the defects. Some people are afraid to ring the dragon bell and start pounding on the door. I’m wondering if I should amend the sign to read “Beware of Sleeping Dragon” 🙂

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  4. Henri has chosen a lovely spot for his swing 🙂 And your crocuseseses are looking lovely.
    It seems a shame that someone painted over wood (I’m assuming it’s actual wood and not some sort of wood substitute). Maybe one day you can remove the paint and restore the woodwork. Henri will help, I’m sure!

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  5. That’s the most ridiculous thing. It’s beautiful oak! I can’t believe someone painted over it! I guess I should be happy they didn’t paint the oak floors!
    And I’m just as sure, Henri wants no part of helping 😀


  6. I know that this is DIY smut speak, but I love the crackly wood! I even love the dragon door and I adore the bell. I have one with a bird but I’ve never found a good home for it. The door seems slightly obvious now that I see it there…(hands covering face). It’s all lovely and I’m sure that you and Henri and your crocisesae will be happy as ever there. Beautiful!

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  7. Thanks, Mojo! I do like the dragon door as well! Gives the place some character. When I first saw the cracking paint, I thought water was getting in somehow. I’ll just keeping touching up the bad spots. 🙂


  8. I like the dragon finish on the door. The cracks in the drywall could be caused by a shifting foundation. That happens a lot in my Mom & Dad’s house as it was built on top of red clay. The ground shrinks & swells depending if we have rainfall or drought. Looks like you have plenty of tasks ahead, but at least the flowers are pretty.

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