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The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership – Chapter 15

The Gnome and I – Adventures in First Time Home Ownership – Episode 15-
Bathroom Reno Part Deux

To read from the beginning click here: The Gnome and I

As you may have read in Episode 2 the bathroom was a disaster from day one.  I had wanted to remove the ugly vinyl on the floor and replace it with tile.  But, as is the case with inexperienced first-time home-owners, I had already overspent my renovations budget the first year.  So the floor had to wait until the following year.

One day I heard Henri muttering in the hallway as he peered into the bathroom.

“Je ne peux plus le supporter!”  (I can bear it no longer!)  I found him at his most Shakespearean, one arm up against his forehead, a pained expression on his face.  (Henri can be quite the drama llama at times!)

“Whatever is the matter?” I enquired.

“Une grande insulte à mes sensibilités!”  (A grand insult to my sensibilities!) he answered mournfully.  “Le plancher; il doit être changé!”  (The floor; it must be changed!)bathroom floor Henri“I agree completely.  Let’s get to work!”  And, of course, by ‘work’ I meant I would be doing it whilst he would be overseeing and making comments.

The first thing I did was to paint the lower half of the walls, which were covered with this ridiculous masonite made-to-resemble-tiles board.  Apparently a leftover from the 1950s.  I had wanted to replace it with proper wainscotting but the budget would not allow it.  Painting it was a good option and white made the bathroom look brighter and larger.  It needed two coats of paint. I used latex semi-gloss.

Henri referred me to an article in his Better Gnomes & Gardens magazine showing an inexpensive way to change a bathroom floor was to paint it.  My budget had not recovered from all the previous expenditures as of yet to afford tile, so I thought this would be the perfect way to go.

The hideous vinyl was already torn and peeling off the floor.  There appeared to be plywood underneath which would be easy to paint.  What could go wrong?  (Note to Self:  Stop asking this question!)
So I began by peeling the vinyl off the sub-floor.  And was horrified to find seven different types of flooring pieced together!  Who does that?!

bathroom floors
I also found some mould on the underside of the vinyl in some places.  How moronic to lay down vinyl or anything on top of patched sub-floor.  A disaster waiting to happen!


As I only have one bathroom I had to paint and repaint one  section at a time.  I painted four coats using satin finish floor and porch paint to cover all the various pieces of sub-floor.  So it took about a week with drying time.  A painted floor should be sealed.  I’m allergic to polyurethane and I haven’t found a natural sealant yet.  (I really should have had a piece of plywood cut to fit over the sub-floor but as I still plan to have a tile floor I thought painting would be quick fix.)



finished bathroom

Finally; a proper bathroom any mermaid would like!  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  And Henri’s sensibilities are no longer insulted! 🙂

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The Tale of Melusina


Melusina, Water Goddess with a Secret

mermaid in a bathtub art print

Melusina was a Water Goddess with hair black as night and pale luminous skin. One day while bathing in a forest pool, she was observed by a handsome knight who had lost his way. It was love at first sight for both of them and they returned to his castle to marry. After exchanging vows, she asked only that he leave her alone to bathe.

They lived happily for years and had many children together. Melusina remained as young and beautiful as when they first met. Of course as time went on, her husband’s curiosity got the better of him and he spied upon her in the bath. Her mysterious secret was revealed as he saw that she was a mermaid! He could not bear the thought of her as a strange creature and she could not forgive him for spying. She left, taking…

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Share Your World 14 August 2017


Here are my answers to Cee’s Share Your World 14 August 2017

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?
As my dad always said,”We don’t have stock in the electric company.  Close the lights when you leave the room.”  One of the few rules I’ve ever followed.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500?

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…
Nothing.  I don’t have one!

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.
My friend’s poetry!



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The King’s Wish, A Faerie Tale

The King’s Wish

The King closed the door to his bedchamber and wandered to the open window.  A soft breeze fragranced by roses wafted in.  He knew he should be happy.  The crops and animals were flourishing and promised a fruitful harvest in autumn.  His people would not be hungry during the dark and cold days of winter. He had successfully negotiated treaties with the allied kingdoms to combat the trolls and brigands that still roamed the countryside.  His coffers were filled with gold and silver.

Yet, he did not have what he truly desired; a queen to share his life. He had met several lovely ladies from his and neighbouring kingdoms but not one had captured his heart. As he gazed out the window he suddenly remembered a most unusual experience he had when he first became king.  A dream of a beautiful woman that seemed so real he still could not be sure if he had actually been asleep.  He had even written a poem about the vision and searched amongst his belongings until he found it.  He unrolled the parchment, brought a candle to the window, and read it aloud.

Oh red fairy,

where did you get to?

Come visit me, won’t you,

at my window tonight?

Like you did before,

back in the age of possibilities.


Slip the green foreboding gaze,

of the fairy queen,

defy her jaundiced law.

Slip in between,

the hornbeam trees,

come flutter on spring-loaded breeze

to see your mortal lover once more.


Come via the old familiar path,

over the crooked stile,

along the brook a winding sunken mile.

I’ll mark the way,

with tea lights in jars,

draped from groaning oaks,

and sleeping beeches,

tied with golden ribbons you left,

and strands of fairy hair I stole.


Follow the fuzzy bunting,

through the boundary gate,

and around the dry stone wall,

past the pacing caged old mare grunting.


past the hanging tree …


but look away for me …


Mistress come to your master,

I need to believe in fairy magick again tonight,

to bring me back from the brink,

before I sink too low,

before I let this last ponderous tangle

of strands of childhood wonder go,

in exchange for those that twang in off-key tones,

which bode no good for battered bones,

before the book of fairies closes,

for the long bedtime.*

As he finished reading, a light appeared in the distance.  As it drew closer, it assumed the shape of the woman from his vision.  Golden and sparkling with stars, she extended her hand to meet his. He was not dreaming; she was real.

*A Kiss Before Bedtime ©Doubtpuppet 2017
The King’s Wish, A Faerie Tale ©Morgaine du Mer 2017

I was inspired to create this illustration after reading “A Kiss Before Bedtime”.  Many thanks to my friend, Doubtpuppet, for allowing me to incorporate his beautiful poem in my short story.


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What’s Your Sign? Celtic Lunar Astrology and Druid Tree Lore August and September Birthdays

Druid Tree Lore – Celtic Lunar Astrology
5th August to 1st September

Above is my new design for the 11 inch x 14 inch Zodiac signs!  They can be personalised with your name or the recipient’s name. Below is the 8 inch x 10 inch Zodiac sign.
All of the designs can be seen on my website

About Druid Tree Lore and Celtic Lunar Astrology
People have been marking the passage of time by the phases of the moon for millennia. Although it is impossible to say for certain because the lore and traditions were not written, many historians believe that both the Celts and Druids used a 13 month lunar calendar.  The months and symbols differ from the solar calendar with which most of us are familiar. Druidic horoscopes are often mentioned in legends.

Trees have long been a source of sacred folklore with each chosen to represent the months and having its own magickal properties. The Ogham symbols may have been devised by ancient Druids. As several of the symbols refer to trees, the ogham alphabet is often called the Tree Alphabet. These symbols are included next to the tree names which are shown in both English and Old Irish. The animal symbols are my interpretation based on various sources. The ruling planets of each sign are also noted.  The information provided here is an introduction to the wealth of knowledge concerning Druid teachings and Celtic lore.

See the entire collection of zodiac signs at MagickMermaid (Studio tab at the top of the page).

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A Happy Lughnasadh to All!


Summer has passed its zenith and although temperatures are still quite warm (in the Northern Hemisphere), the sun sets a bit earlier each day.  Some crops are ready to harvest and preserve for the coming cold months.  Lughnasadh, named for the Irish Sun God Lugh, is celebrated on the first or second day of August.  It is the first of three harvest festivals.  This festival celebrates the grain harvest as well as fruits and vegetables that ripen in late Summer.  A perfect time to try a new bread recipe!

Besides giving thanks for the abundance of the first harvest, this is a good time to reflect on the goals and projects you began earlier in the year.  Have they come to fruition as you planned?  Or do they still need more work to develop into what you envisioned?  There is still time to edit and revise before the next harvest!

photo credit: Pezibear