Book Review – Begging the Question Poems on OCD & Depression

Book Review – Begging the Question Poems on OCD & Depression

I did not know much about OCD so reading this book was a very illuminating experience. Through exquisitely crafted poetry Mr Jellico takes the reader on his bewildering journey of OCD and depression. For those suffering and coping with these debilitating symptoms you will recognise and relate.  And know you are not alone!  For those not directly affected, you will be given in-depth insights about OCD, a disorder that is too often misunderstood and misdiagnosed.  The poem “Begging the Question” deftly illustrates common misconceptions. “Supermarket OCD Avalanche” describes a veritable minefield of thoughts during a trip to the market. There are poignant poems in which the author thinks about his life before knowing the OCD diagnosis as well as hopes and dreams.  And poems about the daily struggle to maintain a calm persona despite the war of thoughts raging inside.

The author has also included extremely detailed appendices to enable the reader to understand various terms associated with OCD including Pure O.  He adroitly illustrates occurrences from the sufferer’s viewpoint and daily management of the disorder by telling his personal story.  There is also an edifying section that describes the traumatic navigation of convoluted healthcare and benefits systems that prescribe a one-size-fits-all regime for a disorder that is not well understood as well as the role played by pharmaceutical conglomerates.

I was captivated by the poetry that runs the gamut from despair to victorious.  The poetry is both heartfelt and heart-breaking.  The intense emotion and evocative imagery are profound.  And the author’s voice comes through loud and clear as a survivor. Highly recommended to everyone who is affected by OCD, anyone who desires to know more, and a must-read for mental health professionals.

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  1. Excellent!!!
    I will release the puppy hostages at the agreed location …

    I’m sorry I couldn’t resist!

    Thank you so much for this well written and thoughtfully constructed review of my lil old bookaroony.
    I love it, I love it, I love it , I love it, I love it!
    May all your gnomes be helpful!

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