Cerridwen Celtic Crone Goddess

Cerridwen’s Cauldron

A Celtic Crone Goddess, Cerridwen presides over the Cauldron of Knowledge, the contents of which must brew for a year and a day. She is known to shape-shift in the form of a sow.

Cerridwen creates the potion of knowledge which brews for a year and a day in her magick cauldron. A few drops of the potion and one gains all wisdom including the ability to see into the past and the future. Legend says that Cerridwen asked her servant, Gwion, to watch over the cauldron. Some of the potion splashed on his fingers which he licked without thinking. He immediately possessed all knowledge and ran away. Cerridwen pursued him as he shapeshifted into many forms, lastly becoming a small grain. Cerridwen changed into a hen, consumed the grain and became pregnant, giving birth to the great bard, Taliesin.

The origin of the witch stirring her cauldron of brew is most likely the image of Cerridwen.

Cerridwen’s Cauldron is available in two sizes at MagickMermaid Studio.


  1. I love this painting. Beautiful details and I particularly like Cerridwen.
    I can’t help feeling Gwion got a shitty deal here though. It splashed on him FFS! This chicken grain debacle smacks of constructive dismissal to my mind. What Gwion lacked was a good employment lawyer. I wonder how Cerridwen is pronounced – I want to say Cerruthwen. Hey maybe it’s the origin of Katherine?
    Anyway, as always, I loved this post. Thank you mermaid master painter extraordinaire!.

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