Samhain Crone Goddess

Samhain Crone Goddess

In the Northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter and there is a chill in the air. The fiery hues of Autumn decorate the trees. We have processed the fruits, vegetables and herbs of the last harvest of the year to sustain us through the Winter.

Samhain is the beginning of the old Celtic new year. The Crone Goddess watches over this night as the spirits of departed loved ones visit the earthly plane. With a bright candle to light their way, food is served for the spirit visitors. Halloween is the modern adaptation of this ancient celebration.

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  1. Super duper interesting as always. All Hallow’s Eve – the day of the dead etc. How did we pervert such simple positive things into gaudy horror. Probably those smelly Romans again!

    Another knockout painting. I absolutely love it. It’s hard to say what sells in these bizarre times but I would’ve thought people would love a book full of this stuff. I really would. Beautifully composed and painted.

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it to you before but there was a book called The Book of Days which a Scotsman compiled in the 19th century. He travelled Britain cataloguing its traditions and peculiarities and listed them under days of the year. Luckily an American had the nounce to take this and turn it into a searchable resource online for everyone to see. Because otherwise it’s an expensive proposition as I discovered when I went to buy it years ago.

    Here’s what it says about Halloween(and everything else that falls under 31st October):

    You can search it via a link on the lefthand menu. Be warned though, once you start you won’t stop searching.

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  2. Just starting to get a little color here. We’re very fortunate in northern Arkansas to experience all four seasons. I have a friend in South Dakota. He says fall there last about two weeks. The leaves change colors, fall off, then it snows. That would suck. Fall is a favorite of my and deer season starts on Saturday. Very much looking forward to our first frost, which could be next Wednesday.

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