The Witch’s Kitchen

The Witch’s Kitchen

EPSON scanner image

Herbs, mysterious and magickal ingredients are at the ready for creating spells and potions.

The Wise Woman collects plants and knows their healing attributes.

And maybe she brews up a love potion or two.


The Witch’s Kitchen Giclee Print is available on my website:


  1. Hubble bubble toilet trouble!

    What lovely detail in this painting. I love the finish on the cauldron, hat and broom. I can just see little Gobbolino brushing his side up against the table leg and purring as she darts about the kitchen picking strange ingredients to toss into the cauldron. I wonder if she’s got any mushroom soup, cos I’m starving (knowing my luck I’d probably drink it and turn into a mushroom for my insolence!)

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  2. Gorgeous! Who or what is “Giclee”? My honey has a terrible cold now, since almost a week. He’s been guzzling tea and honey galore… Today he says he’s “incrementally better.” πŸ˜€ (This is over FB Messenger/video. He lives many hours away from me.)

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  3. Thanks, Ellie! Giclee is a high quality printing process for art or photographs. The inks are very pigmented and last longer.
    Too bad you don’t live closer. You could make him the Jewish mother’s remedy for everything-chicken soup! πŸ™‚


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