Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Moonlight Ride

A bright orange harvest moon night is perfect for a witch to try out a brand new broom.
Her ruffled red petticoat peeks out from under her lace embellished dress.


Moonlight Ride Giclee Print available at

15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Sweet Jesus that is one classy witch. Side saddle as well.I bet she lives in a pent(agram)-house and has a Le Creuset cauldron. I think I’m ion love with her.
    Very nicely painted. xquisite dainty details. You’re very good at people – facial shapes, and hair. And certain difficult textures. Bravo! I demand a book filled with these.

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      1. Tis not? Ooh yum what’s for supper? Eye of newt? Tail of bat? No wait, do bats have tails? I doubt it. Wing of bat then? Tail of recruitment consultant? I expect you’ve had Henri made up as Igor to greet the trick or treaters.

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        1. Vegan batwings covered in gluten-free newt sauce πŸ˜€ Henri was in fine form attempting to scare the kiddies. They thought he was one of them so they were not scared in the least πŸ˜€


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