Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Moonlight Ride

A bright orange harvest moon night is perfect for a witch to try out a brand new broom.
Her ruffled red petticoat peeks out from under her lace embellished dress.


Moonlight Ride Giclee Print available at magickmermaid.com

About magickmermaid

Day-Dreamer, Moon-Gazer, Confirmed Contrarian, Traveler, Artist, Frustrated Cartoonist, Perennial Fish Out of Water.

15 Responses

  1. Sweet Jesus that is one classy witch. Side saddle as well.I bet she lives in a pent(agram)-house and has a Le Creuset cauldron. I think I’m ion love with her.
    Very nicely painted. xquisite dainty details. You’re very good at people – facial shapes, and hair. And certain difficult textures. Bravo! I demand a book filled with these.

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      1. Tis not? Ooh yum what’s for supper? Eye of newt? Tail of bat? No wait, do bats have tails? I doubt it. Wing of bat then? Tail of recruitment consultant? I expect you’ve had Henri made up as Igor to greet the trick or treaters.

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