Alchemy Dragons

Red and White Alchemy Dragons

One of the most well-known tales about a red dragon and a white dragon concerns King Vortigern’s fortress at Dinas Emrys in Wales. The King tried many times to build his castle; yet every night the walls collapsed, much to his consternation and that of his wizards. The King’s advisors tell him he needs to sacrifice a fatherless boy upon the site. The boy he finds turns out to be young Merlin, who will become the greatest wizard of all time. Needless to say, young Merlin sees all and tells the King there is an underground pool in which a red dragon and a white dragon reside. The dragons will fight to the death and this will determine the outcome of Vortigern’s battles with the Saxons. The red dragon, representing Vortigern, defeats the white dragon which represented the Saxons. The castle is then rebuilt successfully!

In Druidical lore, the red winged dragon symbolizes niter, the active principle of alchemy. The white wingless dragon symbolises salt, the passive principle of alchemy.


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  1. As usual, you are educating me about things on my doorstep I ought to know about. That explains the red dragon on the flag then. I love your dragons. Very sleek and pointy. Those bloody Saxon bowmen:

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