Henri, Gnomic Olympic Champion

Not many people are aware that the Gnomic Gnation was well-represented at the 1912 Olympiad.  However, after much thought about safety concerns the Olympic Committee instituted a new height requirement in 1916.  And gnomes were no longer admitted to compete.

Undaunted, the Gnomic Nations called a meeting of the International Magickal Peoples Association and they formed their own Olympic Games.

Another little-known fact is that Henri and a few of his friends developed the sport of snowboarding long before it became popular in the human Olympics.  Henri was so proficient in this sport he was nicknamed “The Flying Potato”.

Flying Potato


For more stories about Henri visit The Gnome and I


  1. Just the tickle tonic I needed after a tedious week at work. Henri le pomme de terre volant!
    Such is the power of the gnomic hats they defied the monochrome photography conventions of the day! I love it!

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  2. Henri applauds your suggestion and has already proposed a motion at the meeting which coincidentally is taking place now………Oh, I’m receiving a phone call.
    Henri says the motion has been passed unanimously and the Association will now be known as IMPS forthwith! And you are recognised as an honourary member of the board. 😀

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  3. I haven’t told a lot of people, but I’ve been training for the Obsese Olympics for several years. I plan to compete in both summer and winter games. My specialty is the low-board belly flop in the summer and luge in winter. Once headed downhill, I go really fast!

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