Henri and Teammates Take Gold in Bobsled Event!

Henri and his teammates, Horatio, Harold and Herbert won the gold medal in the
Four-IMP Bobsled Event at the IMPS (International Magickal Peoples Society) Olympics.

Gnorthern Gnomes are extreme bobsled enthusiasts.  So it was gno surprise as Henri and mates chalked up another win in this event.  This victory was very important as the team has won 10 consecutive bobsled competitions.  This assures their inclusion in the Gniunness Book of Gnomish Records.

Congratulations to the Elves who went home with the silver medal and the Forest Sprites who won the bronze.

For more stories about Henri visit The Gnome and I


  1. Well done to Henri and chums for bringing it home. I imagine the extra body weight which hampered them in the speed skating, paid dividends in this one. I will send Henri a case of trappist wheat beer to celebrate the victory.

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