Henri Takes Silver in Luge Competition

With the crowds cheering him on, Henri wins a silver medal in the Singles Luge Competition at the IMPS* Olympics.

It’s well-gknown that gnomes enjoy sledding.  So it should come as gno surprise that Team Gnome won gold, silver and bronze in this event.  Careening through the difficult course of hairpin turns and steep curves at breakneck speed, the gnomes iced the other competitors with record-setting times.  Herbert took home gold.  Horatio and Harold tied for bronze.

*International Magickal Peoples Society formerly known as the International Magickal Peoples Association.  The name change was suggested by Ellie P. at https://crossedeyesanddottedtees.wordpress.com/ and unanimously adopted on the spot.


For more stories about Henri visit The Gnome and I


  1. Hey, girl, thanks for the plug!! So sweet of you! “Iced the other competitors” – HAHAHA – pun especially appreciated by me in this *hockey* town, home of the *formerly* great Montreal Canadiens! Sigh. 😦

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