Gnomes Enter Curling Competition

Curling is a fan favourite at the IMPS* Olympics.

It was snowing quite a bit during the curling competition which accounts for the fuzzy photo.  However, the intrepid Team Gnome played on.  And captured the gold medal! Beard curling is also part of this event so gnomes have a definite edge.

(When I asked Henri why he doesn’t like sweeping at home, he pretended not to know what I was talking about.)

*International Magickal Peoples Society

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  1. That rogue Henri, not sweeping at home.
    Ha ha – great photo of the gnomes in their curling get up. My, it got up quite a blizzard that day didn’t it. I bet they froze their rocks off.

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  2. I see that they have two types of brooms: they must have borrowed the regular ones from some witches! OH! No wonder they won … no, they wouldn’t need witchcraft to win …? Henri had better not slap me in the face with a glove! Tell him I meant no insult, just a little ribbing 😉

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  3. Being the cleverest of all little IMPS members, I assume Henri is the captain of their team? Heartiest congratulations to Henri, who I’m sure is the gnicest and best captain ever! Yay! Hurry! Hurry Harrrrrd! 😀

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  4. I agree with Henri! I’ve never participated in Curling myself, but sweeping on ice looks much more fun than sweeping floors at home, that’s for sure.

    But i love love Olympic Curling. It’s my favorite! Well, i also live halfpipe and skiing and and and…

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