Henri Smokes the Competition in the Halfpipe

Henri halfpipe

He isn’t called the Flying Potato for nothing!  This reporter was able to obtain  slo-mo footage of Henri performing his latest tricks which assured him the gold medal in the Halfpipe event.

The judges look for big air and amplitude.  And they were speechless after watching Henri execute a flawless 1280 double twist pepperoni 480 slide 960 back upside down triple toe front flip with a side of Canadian bacon.

The other competitors were awed and needless to say, the spectators went wild!


For more stories about Henri visit The Gnome and I and checkout my latest posts reporting on the IMPS* Olympics!


*International Magickal Peoples Society


  1. “…double twist pepperoni … with a side of Canadian bacon” !! BAHAHAHA! First time this great PIZZA move has been successfully performed!! Henri – and you – must be so *proud*!!! Congrats to ALL of you talented folks!! 😀

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