A Happy Lughnasadh to Everyone!


Summer has passed its zenith and although temperatures are still quite warm (in the Northern Hemisphere), the sun sets a bit earlier each day.  Some crops are ready to harvest and preserve for the coming cold months.

Lughnasadh, named for the Irish Sun God Lugh, is celebrated on the first or second day of August.  It is the first of three harvest festivals.  This festival celebrates the grain harvest as well as fruits and vegetables that ripen in late Summer.  A perfect time to try a new bread recipe, dry herbs, preserve fruits and veggies!

Besides giving thanks for the abundance of the first harvest, this is a good time to reflect on the goals and projects you began earlier in the year. Have they come to fruition as you planned? Or do they still need more work to develop into what you envisioned? There is still time to edit and revise before the next harvest!

Wheat Harvest



  1. Thank you for the educational post about Lughsgnashadathanagh. (phew, for a minute I thought I was going to make a mess of that)

    Preserve fruits you say? Hmmmmm. Right then – I’m off to embalm Poldark!

    Oh Im all about the projects that don’t come to fruition! I’ll be out making some corn dollies tonight and dancing around them naked to see if that helps.

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  2. Er, heh, sure! Same to you! Can you at least give us a clue how to pronounce that… unpronouncable word? Me, if I had my druthers, I’d like to stay permanently in July. I tend to feel a little sad when August starts because of course it means we’re into the home stretch towards – shudder – winter!! I am not a winter girl!!!

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  3. Lovely post! I personally like to call it Lughnasadh rather than Lammas. (Seems like this is not the popular choice, haha). I admit my ‘projects’ need more work before they come to fruition, but as you say, this is only the first harvest!

    Hope you had a great Lugnasadh 🙂

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  4. Greetings for LOO-nah-sah. Learned something new.
    Here it is rains and the monsoon season bring a number of festivals – including the ‘raksha-bandhan’ (celeberating the bond between brothers and sister) and then the birthday of Lord Krishna al within the next 30 days.

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  5. It’s been a beautiful summer, it’s taken me ages to adjust to the heat I’m a bit of a Northern melter, wilting if it’s too sunny, loved your harvest photo it made me think of home.
    Best wishes

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  6. I’m not really a summer person, but I do enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes and other fresh vegetables. In reviewing my goals, I find there is still a long way to go on many of them. Time is such a precious thing and seems to slip by faster than I can get a grip on it.

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