Eek! A Mouse! The Final Chapter

To catch up on the story:  Part 1 and Part 2  and Part 3

Eek!  A mouse!  The final chapter

I consulted with friends. The always-imaginative Sir Doubtpuppet came up with a rather creative solution. He suggested that I make a lady mouse decoy with blonde hair, lipstick, stilettos and mousecara-ed eyelashes to be placed next to a trap with a neon sign stating “Free Kisses for Handsome Mice Here”.

Another (more practical) friend said I must set conventional traps immediately or the mice would multiply in no time.  Visions of The Great Plague had me racing to the supermarket for mousetraps.  (I know the plague was caused by fleas on rats.  But the mere thought of rodent infestation had my imagination going wild!)plague doctor

Porthos remained at his post. Henri  frequently surveyed the house and checked the truffle tin muttering, “Méfiez-vous des souris voleuse! ”
(Beware of thieving mice.)

I preferred to use a catch and release trap.  But now that the mouse had become a gourmet-organic-tomato-eating connoisseur, it would be back.  So I was forced into buying the capture trap or be overrun.  I had experienced a serious six-week mouse invasion in the city due to the landlord’s mistake and it wasn’t pretty.

I baited the trap with Swiss cheese.  And nothing happened the first night.  What? Aldi’s Swiss cheese wasn’t gourmet enough?!

The next night as I’m watching TV,  I see something moving on the rug.  A mouse!  Then another one!  Cue the Benny Hill theme song!

The mice are running all over the parlour as I shout at them to leave and try to chase them into the kitchen to the trap. Then they begin chasing me around the house!

One hid momentarily in the shadow between the piano and the TV armoire; its eyes closed.  (“Ha! She can’t see me!”, it thought.)  (“So cute!”, I thought.)  I put more peppermint cottons around hoping they would go back outside.  This “Eek, a mouse!”/“Oh, they are so cute!” circus went on for 2 hours before I finally gave up and went to bed.

The next morning when I went into the kitchen nothing appeared disturbed but I noticed the trap indicated “mouse caught”.  I felt terrible and shed tears for the poor little thing.  Henri, Porthos and I said a few solemn  words before relegating the trap to the bin.  I truly hoped that the other mouse took the hint and left. I felt such remorse that one had gone to its demise.  But obviously I can’t have mice running amok through the house!

Later that day I go into the kitchen and there sits the other mouse in the middle of the floor!  Not the least bit afraid of me or Porthos. It runs all over the kitchen, under the oven, then into the front room.  Hides by the radiator and then it starts coming towards me at full speed!  Cue the Benny Hill theme song again!  I’m stamping my feet trying to scare it into leaving as I open the front door.  No, it does not go out. It disappears.

Only to reappear 10 minutes later when I’m sitting at the computer.  It runs over my foot!  And then under the computer armoire.  What’s really perplexing is that the mouse has no fear of careening through the house during the day!

So I dash into the kitchen to get the other trap and place it behind the armoire where I see the mouse is hiding.  Now one would think it would want the cheese.  No, it climbs over the trap!  And runs towards the kitchen with me in hot pursuit.  It disappears and then 5 minutes later it runs over my foot again as I’m sitting at the computer. Then it disappears under the fridge.  By this time I am completely distraught and leave the baited trap near the oven hoping that the mouse will vacate the premises of its own accord.

As it happens, the lure of cheese (albeit inexpensive cheese) was finally too great.  A few days later the mouse had its last supper.  Henri, Porthos and I bade it farewell.

Just to be clear, I’m still feeling a lot of remorse about the mice.  I hope this never happens again.

See The Gnome and I for more stories about Henri.  🙂


  1. To be fair you gave those cheeky mice fair warning. They were trespassing so deserved their fate. Still I feel your pain – just remember their lifespan is in any case very short – they would shortly have died from natural causes. They had a good life while it lasted

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  2. I deny all charges! Well I can’t joke about this one because what shines through all this is your love for the mice. And I know you would’ve captured them and freed them if you could have and this only tells a fraction of the story about you trying to persuade them to leave before you had to resort to the traps.
    But sadly Mermaid, we have to draw the line when it’s vermin. No way round it. The audacity of these mice was very unusual though. They will go down in legend.
    Nicely written up madam!

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    • I know. I would too. But some choices are out of our hands unless we want to abandon our homes to nature. I’ve seen I Am Legend and that wouldn’t go well. Even the most devout Buddhists inadvertently commit mass murder every day. It’s inescapable here sadly. But they would probably say the main thing is one’s intention and your intention here was clearly to persuade the little fellas to leave. Believe me, the vast majority of people wouldn’t bother with that phase.

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  3. OMG, I seriously don’t know how you could get any sleep in that situation. But you had a great helper in Henri, so… really glad they were all caught!
    Love “mousecara-ed eyelashes”! 😀

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  4. My friend, Sir Doubtpuppet, does have a way with words!
    Henri and Porthos had a good time watching me run all over the house.
    The real question is why the Benny Hill theme song is the background music to my life. 😀


  5. Is Henri fond of cats? Bring a little kitty into your home and the mouse problem will be eliminated forever 🙂 Also there are these electronic pest controls. They work, but not right away, you must keep them plugged in for a while, but they will eliminate mice. Apparently the sound drives them away.

    As to feeling bad about the mice dying, meh, I would not give it a second thought. All things in balance, they must be killed to keep the mice population under control. Otherwise they might take over the village! Remember the Pied Pier of Hamelin hehe 🙂 Glad you got rid of them!

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  6. Henri and I like cats. But we don’t like litter boxes. 🙂
    So far, there haven’t been any more visitors 🙂 I’ve heard of the electric repellents which is a very good alternative.


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