GnHome Sweet GnHome

Last Monday when I went into the kitchen to make breakfast I was greeted by Henri bearing a brightly-wrapped gift.

“Joyeux Anniversaire!”

I had completely forgotten that today marked my 5th year of being a bona fide homeowner. How time flies when one is constantly performing home-maintenance chores!  Of course, technically the bank still owns most of the house.  However, I must admit it is much more satisfying to pay a mortgage than rent.

I have learned quite a bit about living in the country.

Acquiring new skills:  I can shovel snow (without injury), weed the garden (a losing game), plant bulbs (the only flowers that bloomed), paint woodwork inside and out (never-ending chore) and shift heavy furniture from room to room on my own. 

Survival: The Great Mildew Debacle of 2016 in which I lost almost all 30 pair of my beautiful shoes, boots and half of my clothes was devastating.  (Yes, I know.  A first-world problem; but still!) If only someone had warned me that a dehumidifier is essential in an unfinished basement! 

Facing Wild Animals: I have dealt with rude, unfriendly neighbours and barking dogs.  My most praise-worthy achievement has been sending spiders and other bugly intruders on one-way ocean voyages with great alacrity all by myself.  Ultimately triumphant in the Great Mouse Invasion of 2018.

Disaster Prevention: I have been victorious in combating plumbing mishaps.  I can unclog a sink, toilet and bathtub in record time.  (This is no surprise as Mermaids are rather adept at watery chores.)

All in all, not a bad record for a novice homeowner who has spent her entire adult life in city apartments.

I opened Henri’s gift.  He had painted a lovely plaque. (I wondered why my paints had been rearranged in the cabinet.)

I thanked Henri for his thoughtful gift. It was too early for champagne so I made his favourite breakfast (pancakes, walnuts, blueberries with plenty of maple syrup).  Then Henri reminded me that the bathroom floor and walls must be replaced and the kitchen floor is ugly.  My never-ending chores await!


  1. What a lovely gift from Henri! I’m just over 5 years in my home. We’re homeowner buddies 🙂 It is nice to be paying for something to keep rather than all that rent money disappearing forever.
    And all these skills you’re learning!

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  2. What a thoughtful gift! Henri is truly a super-gnice gnome!!
    I don’t envy you your home chores, though. Kind of reminds me of the flood I had in the basement of my ex-home (1975-1992). I couldn’t face cleaning it all up, though. I paid a neighbourhood teenager to do it. (Talk about first-world stuff, eh?)
    I *do* envy you your breakfast, though. I adore pancakes with berries & syrup, but hold the walnuts. 😀

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  3. BTW, Mer, I notice you changed your blog’s theme, am I right? (Maybe you did it a while ago; I’m so delinquent in my visits!) I love it. And the font is great! Is it Palatino? Anyway, lovely!

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  4. Yes, I did change it a few months ago. When I was attempting to learn the new “block” thing I decided I may as well make a change. I have no idea what the font is LOL! I probably chose it in desperation because I was going crazy with the new system. 😀


  5. What a lovely gift. Henri is most thoughtful and considerate.

    We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel ourselves. Personally, I was content with the status quo, but said it was badly in need of a redo so I had no alternative but to provide much of the labor.

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    • It’s a lot less expensive if you can do some of the work yourself. I know what to do and how it should be done but I don’t have any building skills. Hence, the contractor! 🙂


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