Trees: The Key to Fighting Climate Change

Barry Nerhus

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We can’t escape the warning signs. Temperatures are climbing. The world’s ice caps are melting. More and more animals are projected to go extinct soon. We’re running out of time to resolve the climate change problem.

Recent research, however, shows that there is some hope to reduce climate change and restore the function of ecosystems around the world. The answer lies in planting trees. By planting trees on 0.9 billion hectares of land, we can trap roughly two-thirds the amount of carbon caused by humans since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Although this is not a permanent solution, it is enough to make a significant, tangible difference to our atmosphere. The action will also buy us more time as we continue to develop solutions to global warming. And yes, there is plenty of room to plant these trees! Even without bulldozing farmlands, natural grasslands, and…

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