Recycled Plastics Used To Make Roads

I recently learned about this company. I hope they build factories worldwide!

From BBC News: A company which uses plastic waste to surface roads has opened its first factory in Dumfries and Galloway.

The MacRebur plant in Lockerbie will take rubbish which would have gone to landfill to help produce asphalt.

A one-kilometre stretch of road made with its mix would use the equivalent of about 684,000 plastic bottles or 1.8m single-use plastic bags.

Chief executive Toby McCartney said the opening of its first factory was an “important milestone”.

He said it would help to tackle both plastic waste and potholed roads.

The new factory will granulate rubbish which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

The granules are mixed with an activator to make the plastic bind and it is then bagged ready to be distributed to asphalt producers.

The company said its mix allowed the bitumen used in the production of asphalt to be extended and enhanced, reducing the amount of fossil fuel used.

Read the complete news story from BBC News here:


  1. This is interesting, but it also worries me a bit.
    One of the problems connected to plastic is the formation of micro plastics through abrasion (such as cars driving on a road) and wear through water flow. The micro plastics are then washed out to the sea.
    Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find foolproof solutions…kudos to the company for thinking about recycling though.

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