Another Visitation

The other night I had the strange feeling I was not alone in the house. The next morning my suspicions were confirmed. No, it wasn’t a ghost. Although a ghost would have been less trouble.

Scene of the crime

Undoubtedly, a mouse had partaken of a midnight snack. And of course, chose the more expensive red pear to munch upon! As you may recall, I have already experienced the antics of gourmet mice.

Thankfully, Henri’s faithful friend and kitchen guard, Porthos, sprang into action.

Porthos takes charge

Porthos carried out an investigation and concluded the culprit had stopped by for a bite and then departed rather quickly.

The Investigation

Just to be sure, I set a trap in the basement. Which I hope would scare the miscreant mouse on its way, never to be heard from again!


  1. That red pear was just too tempting. I’m surprised my fruit bowl hasn’t been the scene of such a crime; I get rodents in my roof but thankfully they don’t actually get into the house… not since the morning over a year ago when I was awoken to my butler screaming “Vole! Vole in the kitchen!” and the time a larger creature chewed through a plastic water pipe and cost me more than a red pear to get it fixed.

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