An Exciting Honour

In October I was contacted by Below The Radar TV ,the award-winning current affairs/documentary/film programme from Northern Ireland on the BBC. 

Their I Lár an Aonaigh Series presents a wide range of topics in the Irish language (with English subtitles). In Series 8-Episode 3, one of the segments is about Irish folk cures. They asked if they could use my Airmid image (Goddess of Herbs and Healing).  Well, of course, I said yes! 🙂

They sent me a DVD and there she was at the start of the piece!

Airmid is available in 3 sizes on


  1. That’s wonderful! Congratulations 🙂 I know a few illustrators and creative peeps who are going really well at the moment, and it’s a well needed reminder for me to stay on my creative path. I sometimes doubt myself and think that the world doesn’t care enough about creativity; that nobody will like it/ relate to it, etc… but then I see/ hear news like this and it renews my faith. Awesome.

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