How to Conserve Water

Barry Nerhus

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According to the EPA, the average American family of four goes through 400 gallons of water each day. That’s 100 gallons per person! Water is one of our planet’s most valuable resources, meaning that we need to become better about how we use it. By following these steps together, we can cut the costs of our water bills, serve our communities, and know that our actions are making a positive impact on the world we live in.

Prioritize Breaking Bad Water Habits

Our first step should be to fix habits such as leaving the water running while we’re brushing our teeth or shaving. Most bathroom faucets run at two gallons of water per minute, which really adds up! By turning off the tap, individuals can save hundreds of gallons of precious water. 29

Another method of saving water is to stop taking extended showers and turn…

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  1. Do you get charged for water usage in the US? Here in Australia if you live in towns you will be charged so much on how much water you use each month or quarter (not sure as its been a while since I have had to pay it).

    Fot those of us who live in rural areas outside of towns we generally have a couple of ways to access water,. Direct from rivers, bores, dams but Most people have large rain water tanks, I have three which adds up to about 30,000 gallons a year when full. Of course these will get topped up by rain as happened this year. This is the full amount for my house and gardens, Up the road from me is a family of five who have 50,000gallons of water capacity in their tanks. they have never run out of water either they do not have a garden to care for.

    I have been low on water a couple of times, down to maybe my last 8 rungs on the tank.

    I save water by collecting the water in my shower as I wait for the hot water to come through and this will go to my garden plants. I wash only full loads. I have a short shower, not every day. In Australia we have toilets that have a half flush or full flush. I only flush the toilet when I do a poo, or after 3 to 4 uses for urine. I am very aware of how much water I have available and what I am using every day. In a regional NSW town they were up to level 6 and basically were going to run out. When you have it on tap, (excuse the pun) you really do not see how much you waste and I guess many people have no real understanding or appreciation of where and how water in big cities get to their homes.

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    • Homeowners where I live are charged for city water every six months. I’m not sure how it works elsewhere or if people have their own wells. I agree, so much water is wasted for daily activities. Super idea of collecting water for plants as you wait for the hot water to come on! I am going to do that now! 🙂

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