International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2020

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the ending of the Second World War, and the ending of the Holocaust. 2020 also marks the establishment of the United Nations, formed in response to atrocity crimes of the Holocaust and the Second World War, with the aim of building a world that is just and peaceful. Acknowledging the milestone year, the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme has chosen as the theme for Holocaust education and remembrance in 2020, “75 years after Auschwitz – Holocaust Education and Remembrance for Global Justice”. The theme reflects the continued importance, 75 years after the Holocaust, of collective action against antisemitism and other forms of bias to ensure respect for the dignity and human rights of all people everywhere.

From: United Nations Department of Global Communications


  1. One comment that came up with this memory was “What has #45 done for this?” I have to agree, I haven’t heard a word about him memorializing this day in any way and that is tragically sad.

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  2. And nobody talks of the millions of people who died in the Americas after Christopher Columbus’ discovery. Or of the 3 million Bengalis starved to death because the at that time responsible British colonial Minister Winston Churchill did not care of them. Or of the 1 million Algerians who died in the liberation war against the colonial occupant France.

    And in the Anglo-American world only Hitler is a topic, but the 30 million which were killed by their WW II ally Stalin in fact also forgotten and not worth a mention. This is the logic of war winners or a much better term is continued (war)-propaganda even 75 yesrs later. A shame!

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