1. I’m tempted to put a link here to an old but wonderful song titled ROOM WITH A VIEW (by Noel Coward), but I’ll resist temptation because it’s not about winter snow scenes. Great pix!

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  2. I always want to live where it snows like that, especially during a hot summer here. Then winter here arrives and it is cold enough. So beautiful and clean and serene.

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  3. WordPress seems to have unfollowed your blog on our behalf. I shall now ask our copy boy to refollow – after the small ‘reunification fee’ has been received, naturally.

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  4. It sure is! From sciencealert.com—Scientists in Antarctica have recorded a new record temperature of 20.75 degrees Celsius (69.35 Fahrenheit), breaking the barrier of 20 degrees for the first time on the continent, a researcher said Thursday. “We’d never seen a temperature this high in Antarctica,” Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaefer told AFP.


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