How Deforestation Drastically Harms Tropical Forest Animals

Barry Nerhus

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Deforestation-and-AnimalsDeforestation is a well-known environmental issue that affects both animals and the climate. It is a term that applies to the clearing or removal of an entire forest or group of trees, either artificially or due to natural disasters, thereby rendering the land non-usable from a forestry standpoint. Sometimes, it means converting former forests into farms, ranches, or urban usage.

It has been a topic of conversation since the 1950s because of its effect on the declining numbers of various plant and animal species, but the truth is that deforestation has been occurring for thousands of years due to both man and nature. Early Man set fires that destroyed areas of landscape and weather phenomenons are as old as time itself. The difference today is the level of severity in which deforestation is occurring. It happens on such a large scale and in many areas that…

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  1. But it’s very difficult to avoid palm oil. I buy peanut butter without it and check the labels. Really, though, there needs to be a law rendering it illegal. And I know that palm oil is just ONE thing that’s wrong… xo

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