Helping Hummingbirds During the Colder Months

Barry Nerhus

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With climate change causing increasingly dramatic shifts in temperature during the winter season, the natural ebb and flow of our environment is, at times, thrown for a loop. With that said, many migratory bird species and their preferred conditions are being disrupted. Many hummingbird species, specifically, are feeling the effects of this more than most.

Because of their small size, hummingbirds have the fastest metabolism of any vertebrate. They must eat on a consistent basis, with plant nectar being one of their most popular food sources, followed by insects, sap, and even ashes or sand. During the colder months, these meals are even more scarce, so humans often lend a hand when they can. Here are a few ways you can help out our feathered friends this winter.

Hummingbird Feeders

It may be tempting to take down bird feeders during this time of year when…

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