Beltaine, The Rites of Spring

The celebration of Beltaine is the symbolic union of the male and female principles of creation.  The God and Goddess are united in sacred marriage; the consummation of  their relationship symbolically fertilises the crops and animals for the coming year.  It is a celebration of the continued renewal of life.

Symbols of rebirth, renewal and the continuation of green and growing things, the Green Man and Green Woman have been depicted in various forms in  many cultures throughout history. Dedicated to new verdant life and a fertile harvest, GreenMan and GreenWoman are portrayed with a variety of lush greenery, entwined vines, seeds, berries and flowers.

Dancing around the May Pole on 1st of May is a custom associated with Beltaine.  The red and white ribbons weaving around the pole celebrate the union of the God and Goddess.  In modern times, many couples plan their handfasting, wedding ceremonies or renew their vows in Spring and Summer.

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  1. Stunning creation, Mer!! One comment – If the God and Goddess consummate their union now, then the result of this “consummation” – i.e. a baby – won’t arrive until January… which isn’t exactly a harvest-type of month. One would think that the union might be, say, in January, and then a baby would arrive in September. But you know what? It’s kinda backwards, so maybe all this happens in the Southern Hemisphere! Eh mate? πŸ˜€

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  2. I just recently learned about the term handfasting. It really doesn’t matter what you call the union, it’s a long-term commitment. Lovely painting, Morgaine.
    This is the wettest Spring I can remember. We’ve planted stuff, but I’m afraid it’s going to rot unless it gets some sunshine and warmer days.

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