Arctic Light Pollution and its Effect on Marine Life

Barry Nerhus

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According to National Geographic, research by biologist Geir Johnsen indicates that Arctic light pollution is one of the leading causes of endangered marine species.

What is Polar Night?

During the midwinter, the Arctic Circle sky is a dark path blind to human eyes. As the Earth tilts, the sun seems to never rise beyond the horizon, creating this dark, Polar Night. During these Arctic Polar Nights, organisms whose species depend on natural light for orientation or navigation take their cues from the moon, stars, and aurora borealis. These natural lights guide ecosystems, direct marine life, and tell land animals when migration season begins, as well as where to hunt for food and when to search for a mate.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is artificial light that falls on a habitat and/or ecosystem. In the Arctic, climate change has thinned the ice enough to…

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  1. How awful how humans are messing up the world. Light pollution is becoming an increasing problem, I notice those intrusive led lights all down my village road (resident homes) where before it was naturally dark. Poor bats too. Xo

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