Happy Mabon to Everyone! Autumn Equinox

The days are noticeably shorter and there is a chill in the night air in the Northern hemisphere. Some of the trees are beginning to don their Autumn colours as we approach the dark season of the year.

Mabon is the second harvest festival of the year, occurring on the 21st or 22nd of September. The apple and grape harvests are celebrated. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are ready to be picked and preserved for the coming Winter.

A time for giving thanks! And also a time to evaluate the progress made on goals set earlier in the year. Did everything work out as planned?

Wishing everyone a fruitful harvest!

Wishing everyone in the Southern hemisphere a Happy Spring!


  1. Happy Autumn Equinox!!! Its a pain to getup in the morning….but I noticed Autumn also sets me to restart my healthy eating, active lifestyle and kicks back discipline in work along with kids school. Love the changing colors outside of my window.

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  2. I’ve been noticing some chilly nights and mornings while I’m still sleeping in my tent, and I had a fluttering of leaves as I was cycling to work today… Autumn is here!

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  3. It seems weird we’re in opposite seasons down south, our days are drawing longer and it’s starting to get warmer, though snow is forecast later in the week so even though it’s spring, winter is not over yet.

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  4. I’m not crazy about the shorter days, but I do love the cool air and the crispness of autumn. The peak of the fall foilage here is around November 1st. We have a camping trip planned around that time. Looking forward to the beautiful fall colours.

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