Limerick #8

There was a young man from Carlisle

Who ran a two-minute mile

He was fleet on his feet

Never suffered defeat

And ended each race with a smile.


  1. So cute!! They’re tricky but fun to write, eh?
    BTW I think I may have discovered a way to be able to comment here… It seems that your page at the bottom right was showing me as not following you – even though of course, I am! I mean, I get all your post ‘announcements’ etc. I ticked it off as following and refreshed – but again it showed me as a non-follower!! Then I tried this test on Safari (instead of Firefox which I always use), and it worked! It’s letting me remain as a ‘follower’ and I see now below this box it shows my pic and says “Ellie P.: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )” So: whew! Lol. Hoping it’ll be good for next post too!!

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