The Case of the Mysterious Snacks

Two months ago when I went outside to refill the bird feeder, I found a pastry wedged into a corner of the back porch. 

“Looks like someone is having a bit of fun,” I said and asked Henri if he knew anything about it.

“Madame, Henri does not play the practical joke”, he answered in an injured tone. (Sounding exactly like the great David Suchet in his role of Hercule Poirot.)  When Henri refers to himself in the third person I know I’ve said something wrong.

“Perhaps it was faeries then,” I replied.
“Madame is away with the faeries again,” he muttered under his breath.  I raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

A few weeks later when I went to refill the bird feeder, I found a small cellophane package of cheese and crackers sitting on the middle step of the back porch.

I asked Henri if he or Porthos had any clues.
“Madame, gnomes do not eat packaged foods,” he replied in a superior tone.
“Chocolate is packaged,” I countered.
“Madame, the magnificence of chocolate transcends all packaging, no matter how pedestrian.” 
He had me there.
Porthos was rather crestfallen when I mentioned I had thrown the cheese and crackers away.

Two weeks later when I went out to get the mail, I found a half-eaten piece of bacon-festooned pizza on the window ledge of the front porch!  It appeared to have been nibbled around the edges.

“An odd mystery”, I said. To Henri, the only mystery was why someone would want to eat such a strange combination of foods and leave bits on my porch.

Last week, Henri called me to the window. “Madame! Regardez!”

I saw a rather large squirrel scampering across the front yard clutching what appeared to be a brownie. He jumped up onto the front steps, gave me a big smile and hopped off the porch to enjoy his prize. Case of the mysterious snacks solved!

P.S.-Today I went out to get the mail and found a very nibbled-upon piece of apricot jam-filled pastry tucked into a corner. Apparently the squirrel is improving his selection of treats. 😀


  1. So sweet! And I can relate
    My squirrels haven’t access to such treats. Stashed behind the bench is a mound of pine cones and sunflower seeds. And at the beginning, when I first started filling the bird feeders, on going to refill one, I found all the seeds covered in dead leaves – keeping the seeds to himself me thinks!

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  2. What a delightful tale! Perhaps the squirrel wanted to share with you. We have a squirrel feeder and I often find a buried peanut in one or my flower pots or one that has sprouted. You have wonderful companions!

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  3. So cute! It reminds me of this time I took my kids to the local pool and there was a squirrel sitting on a bench eating a bagel. It was so perfect that I wanted to go get him/her a cup of coffee with it.

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