Blue Faerie Door

You never know what you might find when walking in the woods. Perhaps the home of the Crystal Faeries who happen to enjoy mushroom gardening…… The inspiration for this illustration came from Tone’s amazing fungi photos. Check out his blog here: The Blue Faerie Door is available on

My latest painting….

And quite possibly my most successful this year. Of course, it’s not a painting of a radiator. I actually painted the radiator! Only took me 7 years to finally get it done. 😀 My house was built in 1928 and this is the original radiator in the kitchen. Needless to say, Henri and Porthos were […]

Celtic Tree Month of Holly and Unicorn

Holly ~ Unicorn Zodiac Sign10th July to 4th August Celtic Zodiac Prints are great birthday and new baby gifts! I can personalise the print with the recipient’s name. Holly/Unicorn Giclee Print on Parchment is available in 2 sizes here on Holly/Unicorn Celtic Zodiac Birthday Cards are now available here.5in x 7in (12.7cm x 17.78cm).Printed […]