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(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València) OCEANS What do you think this is, a rubbish bin? This is the sea… This is the Mother… This is the Child, The cradle of humanity. This is the sea. And you, Ignorant, Foolish, Thoughtless, Selfish, are killing…

Celtic Tree Month of Hazel and Salmon

Hazel ~ Salmon Zodiac Sign5th August – 1st September Celtic Zodiac Prints are great birthday and new baby gifts! I can personalise the print with the recipient’s name. Hazel/Salmon Giclee Print on Parchment is available in 2 sizes here on magickmermaid.com Hazel/Salmon Celtic Zodiac Birthday Cards are now available here.5in x 7in (12.7cm x 17.78cm).Printed […]

Wishing Everyone a Happy Lughnasadh!

Summer has passed its zenith and although temperatures are still quite warm (in the Northern Hemisphere), the sun sets a bit earlier each day.  Some crops are ready to harvest and preserve for the coming cold months. Lughnasadh, named for the Irish Sun God Lugh, is celebrated on the first or second day of August.  […]