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What do you think this is, a rubbish bin?

This is the sea…

This is the Mother…

This is the Child,

The cradle of humanity.

This is the sea.

And you,





are killing her…



Self-serving capitalists,

Money hungry,

Money grabbing,

Steal the light,

Leave many crying…

Others brainless follow,

and what you do they do,

they are far more worse than you.

No thought of caring for the Earth,

these folk were flawed from birth.

Jet planes flying for short hops,

why not just take a train and stop polluting our blue skies?

I know why.

Because your miserable little life you think is so important,

you put yourself before the wonders of our world,

your black heart is the reason for everyone’s pain.

So stay far from our seas and oceans,

they’re not your…

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