1. To little, way to late ⏰ I can’t believe there are still people that don’t believe our actions are changing the climate! Money and prayers won’t save us from our own foolishness. Our delusional Aussie PM thinks science will save us, yet up until very recently, he’s been quite happy to ignore the science on climate change. A few years ago, he took a lump of coal into parliament and said “it’s nothing to be scared of”. This idiot doesn’t speak for me and I didn’t vote for him – and there in lies the problem. Greedy and short sighted people keep voting these morons into power. The paradigm is shifting slowly, but melting ice is beating it.

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  2. Like everything else, it all boils down to money and greed. Here in the U.S., the so called “conservatives” (ironic term) are all about fossil fuels and disbanding any legislation that puts any environmental restrictions on big oil. Their philosophy is make as much money as you can right now and to hell with future generations.

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