Wishing Everyone a Happy Lughnasadh!

Summer has passed its zenith and although temperatures are still quite warm (in the Northern Hemisphere), the sun sets a bit earlier each day.  Some crops are ready to harvest and preserve for the coming cold months.

Lughnasadh, named for the Irish Sun God Lugh, is celebrated on the first or second day of August.  It is the first of three harvest festivals.  This festival celebrates the grain harvest as well as fruits and vegetables that ripen in late Summer.  A perfect time to try a new bread recipe, dry herbs, preserve fruits and veggies!

Besides giving thanks for the abundance of the first harvest, this is a good time to reflect on the goals and projects you began earlier in the year. Have they come to fruition as you planned? Or do they still need more work to develop into what you envisioned? There is still time to edit and revise before the next harvest!

A Magickal Autumn Garden is available here on magickmermaid.com


  1. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful through the seasons! The shortening days are a little hard to take, but it’s been so hot here that I’ve had rather glad thoughts about moving towards fall this year.

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  2. Bless you Morgaine, nobody else wished me a Happy Lughnasadh and I was starting to spiral into a deep depression. Now I must preserve the fruits and veggies for future generations. 😊

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